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                                                                                             TOOWOOMBA WHITE WEDDINGS 

                                                                                                        Floral Design | Styling | Hire 

FAQ - Wedding Florals by Toowoomba White Weddings 


Yes! We do, our minimum investment for Wedding Florals is $3000.00 - please note Weddings located outside of Toowoomba have a minimum of $5000.00.

If you require Bouquets & Bridal Party Blooms ONLY & are available to collect the morning of your wedding, we may be able to help so please reach out if you would like to discuss this option. 


NO, In our opinion every couple has their own story, and your wedding should be as unique as you two! We believe no two weddings should be the same which is why each quote we provide is custom to your vision, style and taste.


We can provide absolutely everything! From your bridal party blooms, ceremony & reception florals & styling, hire items and of course set up on the day.

Whilst we LOVE working with other stylists aswell, & are happy to offer assistance to our couples in setting up items they are providing we DO NOT allow any floral collaborations.

(eg: DIY Bridal Flowers, Arrangements, Flowers provided by a venue (that are included in a package) or florals provided by another florist.

This is to ensure your day is seamless and stress-free - whilst also ensuring our reputation isn't tarnished. We also would not want others work to be confused as ours.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to Wedding florals, there are many variables that come into pricing. Which is why we custom Quote each of our couples. We create weddings from $3000.00 up to $20,000 


Honestly, flowers are a luxury!!  Fresh premium blooms are not cheap. We understand, people are not used to spending such big dollars on something that only lasts a week. However, when you book your Wedding Florist you are not just paying for "flowers" you are paying for all that we do behind the scenes.

When it comes to Florists – Wedding Flowers and Every day flowers are different on many levels.

For example – when you buy an arrangement from a florist for your home or as a gift to someone – a florist has created this with intention for it to last for some time – they are providing blooms that are still opening so that when they are in your home they continue to bloom and remain beautiful for longer.

When we create wedding flowers, these are created with intention to be phenomenal on your wedding day, this means we are ordering your flowers from all over the country and from other countries! We get your flowers in advance, we prep them and care for them to get them to open beautifully ready for your wedding day, we want them to look their absolute best for that day not a moment early and not a moment later.

There is also a lot more work involved in your wedding flowers again if we compare the two you walk into/make a phone call to a florist order or choose an arrangement and leave.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, there is so much communication between you and your florist it’s actually quite time consuming in terms of quoting, discussions on your overall vision, communicating with your venue, we sit down and create mood-boards, flower orders with our growers and wholesalers, sometimes quite a bit of back and forth is involved in this process to secure the best flowers & foliage for our clients! Its important we have a great relationship with them aswell.

We than collect your flowers, prep them, get them wedding day perfect – store them in cold rooms (which also cost to run, and maintain) and ensure they remain perfect & this is all before your wedding day is even here.

Then comes the day – final checking everything, working to the wedding day time-lines. We load them on the day for safe delivery. We use multiple vehicles for this quite often as a wedding on the scale we do does not fit in 1 van load.

A wedding is very labor intensive for a florist – in our business for example all of our weddings require work on site aswell – we don’t simply deliver your bouquets and leave.

We deliver your bouquets, buttonholes, we set your ceremony flowers – quite often these are larger scale arrangements, and we complete our design process on site – we clean up after doing this, so your ceremony space is ready for you – we set your reception florals (in our case we are also providing styling items) and set these.

If we are creating reception hanging installations, we bump in at the venue extra early to do so before the tables are set –

We return to the venue to re-purpose ceremony florals into the reception. Then after the wedding we return to pack down, we collect our vases/vessels these of course need to be cleaned in order to use again.

Larger scale items require quite a bit of work the next day to pull apart & remove waste all before we return to our studio. (let's not forget the studio mess aswell)

The work involved in the leadup and on the day in order for you to get your flowers is a lot, So when you are in the process of getting quotes from Florists, please keep this in mind, you aren’t simply paying “Flowers” you are paying for that florist's time, experience, labor and their service along with your flowers.

We provide a service and charge accordingly for this

What you need to remember is that when you invest in wedding flowers it is not about how long they are going to last it is about the impact that are going to have on your Wedding, they are a reflection of your style & taste and whilst the flowers themselves are not going to last forever they are going to be apart of your photos & or video that you are going to cherish for a lifetime.


We take bookings no further than 18months from your Wedding date, our Wedding Season books out quite quickly, we are currently taking bookings for throughout 2023 (with limited availability for our peak months) & have opened our 2024 Calendar- therefore we do encourage you get in touch to start the Quoting process once you have secured your Wedding Venue.



Simply Fill out our initial enquiry form with your details, please note we do need you to have your wedding date & venue secured in order for us to provide a written quote as delivery & installation is factored into this. We of course want to also confirm we are available to be apart of your day.

We ask you to narrow down your inspo as too what you LOVE most - for example a few bouquet images, ceremony & reception & so on. Basically, anything you feel is going to help us get a feel for your overall vibe & aesthetic you have envisioned for your big day.

Along with a bit of a "wish list" of your priority items in terms of your florals & styling - from here we create a customized, itemized quote for you.


Yes! 100% you can - we allow so much flexibility throughout the planning process - you can add items as you wish! Alot of our couples book anywhere from 6-18 months prior to their wedding date so understandably things are going to need updating as we get closer to the date. 


Yes, however we only offer an in person consultation after you have secured your date with us. We do offer phone consults to discuss your Quote however we politely do not want to waste your time or ours, so we create a custom quote for our couples to peruse over, and if you decide we are the right fit for you and secure your date an In person Consult is arranged.

This is an in-depth consultation where all items required for your Wedding are discussed including colours, floral preferences, delivery, payment options.

We will provide you with professional advice and options during this time. During your consultation we welcome any pictures, mood boards, anything you feel will assist in providing a clear vision of your wedding if you haven’t already provided us with these during the Quotation process.

You are welcome to email at anytime with any queries, updates you may have we encourage communication throughout the leadup to your big day.

There is no limit on email communication - however if you prefer to chat via phone during our busy periods we do suggest to book in a phone consult (these do not incur a charge) to ensure we are available to chat through your queries.

A FINAL consultation is arranged 8 weeks prior to the Event date, If changes are applicable, they will be added to the final costing.

Any additional consultations incur a $150.00 consult fee which will be added to your account.


Thankyou for choosing us to share in your special day and be on this journey with you, we can't wait to bring your vision to life. We require a 25% non-refundable booking fee (calculated off your quoted total) to secure your booking. This fully secures your wedding date with us. We also require our Booking Contract be signed and returned you are provided with this when you receive your quote.


That's ok! We love to chat! Simply give us a call or send us an email with your query and I will be back in touch with you soon, can't wait to chat with you further

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