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Thoughts of a Florist... 

This is where you are going to find out a little more information about your wedding florals, and why they cost what they do. 

Our First Blog Entry

September 8th, 2022 -

                    WEDDING TAX!! IS IT A THING? 

There is a large mis-conception that florists (and other wedding vendors) charge more for a wedding for the sake of it.

In short – yes we do charge more for your wedding flowers – but this is not without reason. 

Whilst we won’t speak for other vendors – when it comes to Florists – Wedding Flowers and Every day flowers are different on many levels. 

For example – when you buy an arrangement from a florist for your home or as a gift to someone – a florist has created this with intention for it to last for some time – they are providing blooms that are still opening so that when they are in your home they continue to bloom and remain beautiful for longer.

When we create wedding flowers, these are created with intention to be phenomenal on your wedding day, this means we get your flowers in advance, we prep them and care for them to get them to open beautifully ready for your wedding day, we want them to look their absolute best for that day not a moment early and not a moment later.

There is also a lot more work involved in your wedding flowers again if we compare the two you walk into/make a phone call to a florist order or choose an arrangement and leave.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, there is so much communication between you and your florist it’s actually quite time consuming in terms of quoting, discussions on your overall vision, communicating with your venue, we sit down and create mood-boards, flower orders with our growers and wholesalers, sometimes quite a bit of back and forth is involved in this process to secure the best flowers & foliage for our clients! 

We than collect your flowers, prep them, get them wedding day perfect – store them in cold rooms and ensure they remain perfect & this is all before your wedding day is even here.

Then comes the day – final checking everything, working to the wedding day time-lines.  We load them on the day for safe delivery. We use multiple vehicles for this quite often as a wedding on the scale we do does not fit in 1 van load. 

A wedding is very labor intensive for a florist – in our business for example all of our weddings require work on site aswell – we don’t simply deliver your bouquets and leave.

We deliver your bouquets, buttonholes, we set your ceremony flowers – quite often these are larger scale arrangements, and we complete our design process on site – we clean up after doing this, so your ceremony space is ready for you – we set your reception florals (in our case we are also providing styling items) and set these.

If we are creating reception hanging installations, we bump in at the venue extra early to do so before the tables are set –

We return to the venue to re-purpose ceremony florals into the reception. Then after the wedding we return to pack down, we collect our vases/vessels these of course need to be cleaned in order to use again.

Larger scale items require quite a bit of work the next day to pull apart & remove waste all before we return to our studio. (let's not forget the studio mess aswell) 

The work involved in the leadup and on the day in order for you to get your flowers is a lot, So when you are in the process of getting quotes from Florists, please keep this in mind, you aren’t simply paying “Flowers” you are paying for that florist's time, experience, labor and their service along with your flowers.

We provide a service and charge accordingly for this –